If You Unsend a Message on Instagram : Easy Steps to Do

If You Unsend a Message on Instagram: Have you ever posted an Instagram message Instagram which you later regretted?

It could be that you had sent the message to an unintentional individual, or perhaps you didn’t realize until too late it was not a good idea.

It’s good to know that Instagram offers a function that lets you unblock messages.

That’s why I wondered about it the other day: If You unsend a message on Instagram how will it be handled?

Does the person who sent it still get the message?

Are they notified?

if i unsend a message on Instagram what happens

Don’t rush. In this piece, I’ll address all of the questions you have based on my observations.

I’ll also help you make use of Instagram’s unsend feature confidently and clearly.

What Happens If You Unsend a Message on Instagram?

if i unsend a message on Instagram what happens

If you Unsend a message on Instagram the message is no longer visible to all those who are part of the discussion.

No matter whether you have only one individual message or a whole group of people. The unsend function will be effective regardless.

It is important to bear an eye on Instagram might still have deleted messages.

One thing to bear in mind is that the person receiving the message may already be aware of the message.

If you’re sending messages with the sensitive subject matter or personal information, it’s recommended to think twice or, better yet, three times before hitting “Send”.

How to Unsend a Message on Instagram?

if i unsend a message on Instagram what happens

The process of removing a message from Instagram is fairly simple.

These are the steps you must follow:

  1. Using the Instagram Mobile App:
  2. Install the Instagram application on your smartphone.
  3. Click the  Message located in the upper-right corner.
  4. Select the conversation that you would like to Unsend.
  5. Find the message that you’d like to delete or Unsend.
  6. Tap & Hold the text. Select “Unsend” from the menu options.
  7. Make sure you confirm your selection by pressing “Unsend” again.
  8. The message is permanently deleted from chat neither the receiver will be able to see it in chatBox.

Using Instagram on the Web (Desktop):

  1. Start your favorite web browser and open the Instagram.
  2. Register for your account if you have not yet.
  3. Select the message icon located in the upper-right corner.
  4. On the sidebar to the left side, choose which conversation contains the message you’d like to Unsend.
  5. Move your mouse over the text you’d like to Unsend.
  6. Select the menu with three dots that appear.
  7. Select “Unsend” from the menu.
  8. Make sure you confirm your selection by pressing “Unsend” in the message.
  9. Your message will disappear from chat and it appears as if the message was never actually sent at all.

The message will disappear immediately! Also, there will be no indications that a message is not sent, such as the transcript of an unsent message.

If you unsend a message on Instagram, you will not return the message. Be aware that you can’t send several messages simultaneously.

There isn’t any bulk send option.

If You Unsend A Message On Instagram, Can Still Be Reported

if i unsend a message on Instagram what happens

If you go more deeply into Instagram’s guidelines on the way that unsend functions, You’ll find an explicit warning that should someone choose to record a chat message.

The messages you didn’t send remain as part of the report provided they are reported at least 14 days from the date that the messages were removed.

These messages that you have not sent are not completely removed from Instagram’s database.

The message may not have been sent, however, it’ll stay on the record for a set period.


For a quick summary, the feature of unending Instagram is indeed a great device for fixing mistakes or retracting messages misdirected.

Deleting messages through Instagram is similar to using an eraser that digitally removes the message as well as the notifications.

It’s useful in those “oops” times.

But, there’s an additional side-effect: If someone shuts off their computer, utilizes other third-party applications, or falls through an Instagram issue, they could get a glimpse of your unread message.

Therefore, you should be careful about your posts on social media, and consider when you communicate with your followers using websites.

Hope all of you like our article “If You Unsend A Message On Instagram”.


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