How to Get Instagram Reels Play Bonus

How to Get Instagram Reels Play Bonus: Have you ever wondered how to make extra money via Instagram to help you with your amazing Reels? Then you’re in the right spot! Here’s a breakdown of all you need to know about the Instagram Reels Play rewards.

In this article, I’ll talk about how your post can be qualified for these bonus offers and ways to get the most out of them. The nitty-gritty details of Instagram Reels Bonuses eligibility will help make your Instagram experience even more satisfying.

Are you interested in learning more about the subject? Let’s get started.

What Is Instagram Reels Play Bonus?

Instagram Reels Play Bonus is an opportunity for account owners and creators the opportunity to earn income by generating Reels views. How do you get admitted to this Instagram Reels bonus program? In reality, the program works by invitation only, and those who qualify get an email from Instagram asking them to participate in bonuses and cash out.

As of the 9th of March, 2023. Instagram has decided not to extend any new or renewed Reels Play deals in the US as well as India. However, the existing Instagram Reels Play offers remain valid until the expiration date. The deal expires on March 9, 2023.

How To Earn Bonuses In Instagram Reels Play?

In the past, Instagram Play bonuses are offered through invitations. they cannot be requested by yourself.

The payouts for Instagram Play bonuses can vary according to various factors.

  1. The performance of your Reels Your earnings per spin can change. In the beginning, you could make more money per game However, the rate could diminish as time passes. Furthermore, not all games could count towards the bonus payoff.
  2. Themed Reel Creation: Rewards could be linked to the design of themed reels, particularly when prompts are given for coming holidays or other special occasions.
  1. Minimum Earnings Limit: Certain bonuses may require an income threshold that is a minimum. If you don’t meet this threshold you don’t get an incentive payout. Yet, you could be eligible to take part in any future bonus offers.
  2. How many reels you create Amount of Bonus is linked to the number of reels that you make. Making a certain amount of reels may be the requirement for a reward per reel.

What Languages Are Eligible For Reel Play Bonuses?

At present, the program is available only for English as well as Korean languages. However, Instagram might support other languages shortly too. Be aware that, at present content available in a variety of languages is not monetizable.

Instagram Reels Bonus Eligibility Factors

You’re wondering what the Instagram Reels Bonus eligibility requirements are? Here are the Instagram Reels prerequisites for monetization:

  • To qualify to be a winner You must fulfill all of the conditions for the program.
  • Content that is branded cannot be qualified for bonus offers.
  • The bonus’s eligibility ends after a specified time after which you’ll receive an alert about the end of your bonus within the application.
  • One of the most intriguing aspects that are unique to the bonus program is that the rules may be different for different participants. The program will provide all the required information once you begin the program.
  • The fact that you receive the bonus does not mean that Instagram endorses or promotes your specific post to get that reward.
  • To be eligible for bonus rewards your content should be genuine and authentic as well as not mislead or deceive users. If your content is found as false or untrue, Instagram will not reward the creator with cash rewards.
  • If there’s an opportunity to earn a bonus it is possible to track the amount of time you have spent receiving the bonus you’ve been promised by checking your dashboard for professional use on Instagram. It’s crucial to keep in mind that it could take up to 24 hours for your dashboard to reflect all the most recent information regarding your progress as well as earnings related to your bonus.

What Types Of Content Are Not Eligible?

In order to be eligible to be eligible for Instagram Reels Play, which is the Instagram Reels Play Bonus, certain requirements must be met certain requirements, and other conditions could make a reel unfit for the bonus program.

  1. Non-supported Languages: Films that are in a language that is not supported by the bonus program will not be eligible.
  2. Watermarking: Reels bearing watermarks that are from third-party platforms are non-eligible. Only reels made by the user may earn rewards.
  3. Unauthentic Engagement: Reels that show unauthentic engagement, like fake or artificially enhanced views, could be rejected.
  4. Permanent deletion: In the event that the reel is deleted permanently and credits are not credited to the reel, any earned plays could be lost, and the reel will not earn bonus money when it is deleted.
  5. Rights Holder claim: A reel is not eligible for a claim if owned by a different rights owner.
  6. Reels Violations: Achieving three points for any violations that relate to reels could result in a 30-day ban from making money via Reels Play bonuses.
  7. Appeal Decision Timeline: If you prevail on an appeal, all the spins on your reels will be counted towards progress in the bonus program. But, any plays that occur following the time that your bonus deal ends will not be counted.
  8. The Reels that are classified as brand-named content are not eligible to receive this Reels Play bonus.

How Much Money Can You Earn From Reels Play Freebies?

It is now time to ask how many creators can earn from Reels Play bonuses. A fair estimate of an approximate amount of earnings will allow you to comprehend the advantages and benefits of joining this program. It will help you determine whether it is worth your efforts in trying to reach the goal of playing a certain number of times.

As we said, the particulars of getting the Play Bonus are different from account accounts. That is, Instagram personalizes the target amount of play and the maximum earning possibilities for each artist. It is difficult to identify a certain quantity you could have the ability to earn through Instagram’s program.

The creator of the previous example was able to have the possibility of earning $8,500 by hitting 9.28 million plays, another artist stated that he’d need to complete 11.02 million play to make $1,200. But, Instagram seems to have reduced the amount of payouts as the exact creator required one million plays to earn the same amount in bonus

.During the first rollout payments ranged from $600 to $35,000 based on how many people viewed the Reel received. When the program became well-known, Instagram has been slowly increasing the amount of bonus money. In the example above, one creator now must reach the number of views which is 359 million for $35,000. Previously, it was only the 58 million mark to make the exact amount.

When Does Instagram Pay You For Reels?

Meta will transfer the funds in USD directly to your bank account or PayPal. If you alter your payment method within a period of 10 days after receiving your payment, you’ll need wait until the following month.

The payment process can take anywhere from 1-7 days to process depending on your bank. In general, by the 21st of every month, you’ll be paid on the earnings you’ve made during the preceding month.

Best Practices To Create Engaging Reels To Gets Reel Bonus

As Reels Payouts from Play Bonus largely depend on how well your Reels are doing so you must develop engaging Reels that are engaging for your followers to help you gain higher views. It is important to note that the Instagram algorithm favors posts that receive a large number of attention and views. Therefore, the quality of your content is crucial to achieving your goal views. Here are some tips to make more interesting Reels:

Create something that adds value

In the first place, your Reel is supposed to bring value to your viewers’ lives. If it’s helping them understand something new, learn something new, or make them laugh- it must provide an improvement in viewers’ experience.

The aim is not to simply get them engaged and increase the visibility of your brand however, they should also click”Share” and click the “Share” button so that they can share the Reel as well. Additionally, entertaining Reels may be the most effective way to gain new fans, which can enhance the exposure of the coming Reels.

Use a Popular Audio

Utilizing popular songs or sound using popular songs or sounds in your Reels could increase the quality of your content’s exposure through the social media platform. These can increase the likelihood of your Reel being displayed on Explore pages for people who have interacted with it before. This automatically leads to higher views for your Reels and will add to the Play Bonus.

If you see the other creators using the same sound frequently Try incorporating the sound in your Reels too. Discover a method to give your video something unique so that your original video stays entirely yours, and also helps keep your viewers entertained. Additionally, playing enjoyable or pertinent background music can make the video more entertaining.

As an example, food creator @pengveganmunch has used Erykah Badu’s “I’ll Call U Back” in the next Reel in which he prepares some spicy pasta. The song is very relevant as there are some phrases concerning cooking at home.

Participate in a Trend

If you’re seeing a trend being followed by everyone on Instagram You might consider joining the trend so that your Reels will be more prominent. Most of the time, Reel trends involve using the most popular music and adhering to an established theme or format for your videos. Consider how the TikTok Euphoria trend got users dressing in stunning (or often bizarre) clothes when a voiceover asked the reason why they’re not wearing a uniform.

Apart from the additional exposure thanks to the popularity of the audio format, being part of trends is an excellent opportunity to keep your customers entertained. As the vast majority of people will be engaged in the fashion creating your version or twist of it can keep them entertained.

Post at the Right Time

Another crucial aspect to consider is posting timing. Because Instagram changes with such speed you must ensure that your Reels receive a lot of attention and engage as soon as the time they are posted. They are more likely to be getting noticed by people who will be interested. Make sure that you select the ideal time for posting in Instagram Reels by which days your target audience is the most engaged.


After you’ve taken an in-depth understanding of how Reels Play Bonus works, how Reels Play Bonus is working and the best way to begin with it, you’re now ready to start activating bonuses as well as create extremely engaging Reels. Take advantage of the suggestions and tricks mentioned in the previous paragraphs to make a solid beginning.


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