No Internet Connection Instagram Blocked Error : Fixed

No Internet Connection Instagram Blocked: It is possible that you’ve been blocked by Instagram when you visit an account and it’s declaring that you don’t have an internet connection. It’s a bit frustrating when all indications are indicating that your connection to the internet is working fine, but Instagram constantly says it is for no apparent reason. In most instances when you click on an Instagram account of someone and you see “No Internet Connection”, it’s because you’ve been denied access. In this piece, I’ll go over the reason why constantly says “No Internet Connection Instagram Blocked ” and the possibility that it could mean you’ve been banned.

What is the reason Instagram says there’s no Internet connection Instagram blocked?

Below are a few common reasons that you may not be able to connect to the internet. Instagram the error message is blocked:

  • Temporary glitch: Instagram is prone to glitches which may result in temporary issues with display. It could be the reason why you’ve seen the error message only on one profile, but not on other profiles.
  • Instability of Internet connection.
  • Instagram Server Issue: The problem may not be on your part. Instagram servers might be down, creating numerous glitches, and impacting users’ access to certain functions, like the ability to view the profiles of users.
  • Profile Blocked: This is only the case if everything else loads normally on the app. If it only says “No Internet Connection” when you go on someone’s profile, then you have been blocked from this person.

How to Fix No Internet Connection Instagram BlockedNo Internet Connection Instagram Blocked

Way 1: Check Your Internet Network For Solving No Internet Connection Instagram Blocked

In the beginning, you need to test the speed of your Internet. Use a web browser on your mobile and look up the speed test. Then, run the test. If the test shows a steady and speedy internet connection it indicates that Instagram states that there is no internet connection. The problem is not related to your particular internet connection. The next step is to resolve the issue.

If it informs you that your internet connectivity is slow or poor then you must repair your Wi-Fi connection by restarting your router, connecting to the network, or switching over to a different network. If you are using cellular data, you can try turning on the airplane mode before removing it, to solve internet-related issues.

Way 2: Check If Instagram Is Down For Solving No Internet Connection Instagram Blocked

It is time to verify to see if Instagram is not working or showing the no internet connection Instagram blocked error. Use a web browser to access the Downdetector site to browse Instagram to verify any reports of outages. If none are found, follow the tips below.

Way 3: Update Instagram to the Newest Version

It is essential to keep the Instagram application up-to-date since updates may fix bugs and issues as well as improve efficiency. If Instagram reports no connection to the internet is available, go to your App Store or the Play Store and type in a search for Instagram to see if there are any changes. If you find a fresh version accessible, just go to update to download it.

Way 4: Restart Your Phone

Another easy fix to the No Internet Connection Instagram Blocked error is to turn off your mobile. Once you restart, go to the Instagram app to see whether it can load videos or images.

Way 5: Clear Instagram App Cache (Android)

Additionally, you may also delete your app cache to correct the no internet connection Instagram blocked error because it could be due to damaged cache files. For clearing your cache of the Instagram application cache from Android:

  • Open the Settings app.
  • Click on Applications and select Instagram.
  • Choose the Storage option and then click Clear Cache.

Way 6: Offload Instagram App (iPhone)

To clear the Instagram app cache from your iPhone it is necessary to unload the app, and then start it up again. The steps listed below are to fix the no internet connection Instagram blocked error on your iPhone.

  • Start your Settings app on your iPhone.
  • Select General > iPhone Storage.
  • Scroll down until you find Instagram the Instagram icon and then click the Instagram icon.
  • Tap Offload App. Then, tap Reinstall App.

Way 7: Match Date and Time

A wrong date or time setting on your mobile device could cause Instagram not to connect to the internet which means that Instagram cannot download content. For this to be fixed it is recommended to modify your date and time settings.

On Android:

  • Go to Settings and then click “System” then Date and Time.
  • Set up the automatic setting of the time as well as Automatically set the time zone.


  • Go to Settings and tap General > Date & Time.
  • Turn on Set Automatically.

Way 8: Uninstall and Reinstall Instagram

If Instagram continues to say there’s it has no internet connection Instagram blocked. You can delete the app from your device and then restore it to correct this problem No Internet Connection Instagram Blocked. Remove the Instagram application from your phone after which you can download and install it using the App Store as well as Play Store.


Now you find out if you’ve got a No Internet Connection Instagram Blocked error. Most likely, you’ve been blocked if you observe this.

If this is the case, you could be experiencing an issue in your connection to the internet or Instagram is not working.

In the event of an issue with the Instagram server, you can only sit and sit and wait for several hours. This is usually how long it takes Instagram techs to resolve these issues.


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